Jillian S. Chapman, O.D. is an associate optometrist for Levin Eyecare. She earned a degree in biological science in 1988 from Ferris State University. In 1992, she graduated with her Doctor of Optometry degree from Ferris State College of Optometry (now Michigan College of Optometry) and was awarded the Fisons Pharmaceuticals Award for Clinical Excellence and the Joseph Sasaki Award for Outstanding Optometric Performance.

Dr. Chapman interned at Perry Point Veterans Administration Medical Center and Wurtsmith Air Force Base. Since moving to Maryland in 1992, she has been practicing in primary comprehensive eye care with concentrations in vision correction, the evaluation and treatment of eye disease and the prescribing of eyeglasses and contact lenses—from standard lenses to medically necessary specialty lenses for conditions such as keratoconus, scarring/cosmesis and post-refractive ectasia.

She specializes in ocular surface and external disease including evaluations for dry eye, blepharitis and Sjogren’s. Her expertise also includes the diagnosing and monitoring of eye-affecting medications. Prior to joining Levin Eye Care, Dr. Chapman was a clinical associate with the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and is well-versed in pre and post-operative care, as well as co-managing follow up, for surgical patients of several ophthalmology departments. She is currently a member of Sjogren’s Foundation, the American Academy for Diabetic Education and the American Diabetic Association.

Dr. Chapman’s main goal is to provide quality patient eye care and service, to all ages, through routine eye examinations to maintain one’s best ocular and visual health.